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Over the Air Deployment Webroot Mobile Security for Android & iOS

The technological revolution has advanced our approach to regular tasks but has slimmed down the devices used for the same. A few years back, what was possible only on a PC/Laptop can be done now over a smartphone. Everything ranging from browsing, banking to online shopping can be done through the convenience of a smartphone. It is the reason why mobile devices are also prone to cyber threats like viruses, Trojans, malware, identity theft, Keyloggers etc. brings you the premium Webroot Mobile Security which provides the convenience of an advanced online protection for our Android & iOS mobiles without the requirement of an on-premises hardware or software.

Yes! It is true! Webroot Mobile Security can be set up, configured and deployed to your Android or iOS smartphone without the installation requirement of any kind of software or hardware on your side.

What can Webroot Mobile Security Do for You?

  • 3rd Party Malicious Applications: Malicious applications can infect your smartphone through any 3rd party website or link which you might click, especially on an Android smartphone. Webroot Mobile Security for Android strikes down such threats even before they can gain entry to your device’s system.
  • Safe Web Browsing: Malicious websites and corrupt downloads can infect your device’s system and can even lead to identity theft. Webroot Mobile Security provides real-time protection from these threats.
  • Stays Up-to-Date All Time: Cloud data centers at Webroot are on a full-time job to update Webroot Mobile Security for iOS and Android so that you stay protected 24/7, 365 days a year from all the new threats emerging.
  • Locate & Block Misplaced Device: Webroot Mobile Security for Android & iOS are fully capable to track your misplaced or stolen Android or iOS device respectively.

Above are some of the amazing features of Webroot Mobile Security for iOS & Android. Compatible with iOS 10/10+ and Android KitKat or higher, this fantastic mobile security completely removes the need for an on-site solution. Need more information? Head over to to know more.

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