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Cyber Threats Prowling over your DNS & Network | Safeguard with Webroot Network Security

DNS or Domain Name System acts like a central exchange and maps domain names to their respective IP Addresses so as to redirect the traffic to the respective website. However, with lack of effective security protocols in the working of DNS, it has evolved to be one of the top three vectors haunted by cyber attacks. So, how to protect your network from virtual predators? Webroot Safe gives you the perfect answer, to this question, in the form of Webroot Network Security products. Let us have a look at each one of them.

What can Webroot Network Security Do for You?

  • The amazing Webroot DNS Protection which is completely cloud-based and the simplest to set up.
  • Webroot has facilitated Secure Anywhere DNS Protection with 82+ URL categories to give you 100% power and dominance to block questionable, malicious and adult websites.
  • Malware which makes the connection itself a transport mechanism to reach your system is stopped and repelled at the domain layer itself by the military level security provided by Webroot DNS Protection.

Flowscape from Webroot | Recognize, Identify & Cease Cyber Threats over your Network

  • Flowscape from Webroot employs machine-learning techniques to identify any kind of abnormality in endpoint-to-endpoint network traffic.
  • Flowscape provides real-time alerts to analysts upon detection of any kind of anomaly or if the network traffic deviates from the normal flow or common order.

All Webroot Safe products are equipped with Webroot Bright Cloud Threat Intelligence that provides information about all kinds of possible cyber threats and attacks enabling the users to effectively protect themselves from the same.

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